How to Apply


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Because we are moving to an online format for Summer 2020, some of the application requirements no longer apply. Immunization history, teacher recommendations, and alternate pickup designations are no longer required.


The pieces of our application that we do still need are:

  • Application form (submitted online)
  • Behavior Expectation Contract, signed by parent and student (scanned and emailed, or snail-mailed)
  • A photo of the student (emailed or snail-mailed-- if a physical photo, then 2"x3" is ideal)


What to do

A complete application (including both online and mailed portions) submitted with the $200 non-refundable deposit per session will hold your child’s place until May 1st. After May 1st, the remaining payment is due. There is a discount for all applications paid in full before April 1st.

  1. Review the requirements for participation.
  2. Complete the Online Application Form for each prospective student.
  3. Download the Behavior Expectation Contract. Review it with your child in an age-appropriate way. Both parent and child must sign the contract and is responsible for understanding our expectations.
  4. Ask your child’s teacher or GT coordinator to submit the Teacher Recommendation, either online or after downloading.
  5. After completing the online Application Form, submit the following items via email or in a sealed envelope to our mailing address.
    • A current and clear photo of your child (approx. 2” x 3”)
    • The Behavior Expectation Contract signed by both parent and child
    • A recent Immunization Record of your child from the doctor’s office
    • The Teacher Recommendation Form
    • Payment in full or non-refundable deposit, via PayPal, money order or check (Make checks payable to Inquiring Minds)

Note: If any of the above materials are absent or incomplete (such as a missing signature on the Behavior Expectation Form or a picture that makes your child unidentifiable), the application will be considered incomplete and cannot be processed.

Please submit starting March 1:

(Acrobat Reader is required to view all forms)

Before completing the Online Application Form, prepare the following information:

  • All home, mobile, and work phone numbers for the student’s parent(s) or guardians.
  • Email and mailing addresses for the student’s parent(s) or guardians.
  • Your child’s class choices in order of preference.
  • Your child’s physician and phone number.
  • A list of your child’s medications and dosages.
  • A list of your child’s food, medicine, and substance allergies.
  • Names and phone numbers of two emergency contacts, besides parents.
  • Names, phone numbers, and driver’s license numbers for all persons authorized to pick up your child.

Please submit materials together, except for the Online Application and Teacher Recommendation Forms. We request that you follow-up with your child’s teacher to be sure their recommendation was sent.


Inquiring Minds
3616 Far West Blvd., Suite 117, #322
Austin, Texas 78731

Notification of Acceptance

You will be notified of your child’s acceptance via email if and only if your child’s application is complete. Students are accepted and assigned classes on a first-come-first-served basis. Applications are processed once a week and prioritized by arrival date or postmark.

Information Packets will be emailed approximately 10 days before the session begins. They contain:

  • A letter from the Director, including Orientation information.
  • Maps to and of the facility.
  • Your child’s individual schedule, listing their classes.
  • A list of teachers and room numbers.
  • A list of students attending each session with contact information (if your family has elected to share).

We understand that your child will be eager to learn his or her schedule as soon as possible, but please be patient. Final scheduling decisions will not be made until after the end of the regular registration period and will not be distributed until Information Packets are released.


Students as assigned to three classes according to the choices he or she has listed on the Online Application Form. We place as many students as possible in their top choices, but because all classes must be put into three time slots it is inevitable that some will conflict with others. In addition, we need to have enough students sign up for a class in order to hold it and create a good social experience for each child. This is why we ask for five choices even from the earliest applicants. Most often students are assigned to classes in double grade groupings, for example, grades 2 and 3 together, depending on the number of students registered in each grade.

Late Application

After the regular Application deadlines, we will accept late applications if openings are available.
Late applications should include:

  1. A complete application, including all online and mailed portions.
  2. Payment in full (Late applications do not have the option of submitting deposits).
  3. A $50 late registration fee.
We’re so pleased you’re considering having your child at Inquiring Minds!