There are many unique characteristics about gifted individuals. The more parents understand their children – their abilities, what to expect, how to advocate – the better they will be able to assist them navigating life and reaching their full potential. Taking time to learn about giftedness, may also help them better understand themselves, their spouse, and their family.

Seminar Offerings

All seminars will be held from 9:00 AM to 11:45 AM at Highland Park Baptist Church.  The fee is $30 per person or $45 per couple. Payment can be made ahead of time or on the day of each seminar. Sign-ups can be done via the form below, or at our Resource table on the second floor at the church.

Social and Emotional Aspects of Gifted Children
Tuesday, June 25th
Karen Sims Langdon, M.Ed., Founder of Inquiring Minds

How do gifted individuals differ from the norm? There are many ways. They can also differ from each other. You’ve probably seen various lists of characteristics, but how do they all fit together and what is their origin? As the gifted person ages, how do they change or not? Learn about the theories of Dabrowski, a Polish psychologist/ psychiatrist, who developed some of our best understandings of giftedness. We’ll also discuss the social challenges of the gifted individual, common issues that may develop, and how you as a parent can help your child adjust to be their best self.

Effective Parenting of the Gifted Child
Thursday, July 18th
Karen Sims Langdon, M.Ed., Founder of Inquiring Minds

The Columbus Group (professionals with much experience working with highly intelligent individuals) defined giftedness in 1991 as asynchronous development “requiring modifications in parenting, teaching, and counseling in order for them to develop optimally.” Few people receive training in parenting, much less information on parenting the unique characteristics of gifted children. This seminar provides suggestions on dealing with kids who are intense, easily morally outraged, argue incessantly, question constantly, sleep less, or struggle with relationships. Learn about the most effective approaches for your child that will help them develop positive self-esteem.

Karen Langdon, M.Ed. has worked in the field of gifted children for over thirty years after observing her and other children’s negative reaction to traditional educational environments. She co-founded Summer Wonders in 1999, and then ACE Academy in 2015. Inquiring Minds is her latest endeavor to provide not only intellectual stimulation to high-ability kids, but a social and emotional setting where they can connect with like-leveled peers who get their sense of humor and share their passions.

Advocating for Your Gifted Child: Finding Best Fit at School, in Community, and Within Family
Tuesday, July 23rd
Donna Hulsey, Education Consultant

As a parent, you naturally take on the role of protector and advocate for your child from the moment of birth. ­You make sure your child is fed, safe, and has opportunities to experience and learn. It’s one of the best and most challenging roles in life! As the parent of a gifted child, you may find challenges where you didn’t expect them. Not everyone may appreciate your child’s energy, humor, quick learning or fierce memory. Accused of pushing your child to outdo peers, teaching him things so he can show off, or encouraging her to be quirky, you may find yourself defending or even hiding some of your child’s talents so she (and you) can “blend in.” Then you see your child also start to hide natural abilities, or start to strike out, and you realize it’s time to rethink “normal.”

Donna Hulsey brings 30 years of experience working with gifted learners, including her own children and those in her classrooms, Sunday schools, and creative problem-solving teams. A co-founder of ACE Academy in Austin, she is a passionate advocate for gifted individuals of all ages.

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